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Finish 52 Challenge (2019)
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Author:  Satsuma [ Sun Jan 27, 2019 14:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Finish 52 Challenge (2019)

Satsuma wrote:
1) Iconoclasts (PS4)
2) Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
3) Far Cry 5 (Xbox)
4) Shadow Warrior (Xbox)
5) Guacamelee 2 (PS4)

6) Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PS4)

It’s Castlevania, init, but that’s all right cause the creator of this created Castlevania. It’s all NES style graphics, retro-ish music and sound effects and it’s bloody great fun. It took a good few hours to plough through but it’s not a very long game - the in-game counter says 2 hours but I’ve been playing it longer than that with deaths and restarts.

Weirdly, I’ve only ever played Castlevania 1 and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I’ve got Super Castlevania. I might give that a play now.

This is more Castlevania 1 than Symphony so it’s a straight forward affair, although it’s got branching paths, multiple characters and ways to play and a final level and true ending that you can only get once you complete it for a second time.

Anyhoo, Bloodstained is only a fiver or so and needs some more love so here’s a trailer for you to gawk at.

Author:  Bamba [ Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Finish 52 Challenge (2019)

1. SpiderHyphenMan
2. The Birdcage
3. Lego Lord of the Rings
4. Faraway 4: another Faraway game; another slice of mobile gaming awesomeness. I'll just copy my own comments about the previous game as I feel the same about this one: "the fourth instalment in a puzzley escape type game for Android with a lovely tactile control scheme and nice low-poly art style. It's not the hardest game in the world, but each level uses a new type of puzzle so the variety keeps it interesting. Also, the 'key' to the final door for each level is in itself a clue for an optional, and much harder, puzzle and that aspect is what really grabbed me this time around. I've really, really enjoyed this series so far and this recent one is no exception; proper brilliant commute fodder and just what I want out of a mobile game." The only thing I'll add is that I think they did slightly ramp up the puzzle difficulty this time in the later levels, and certainly some of the optional harder puzzles were definitely more difficult, which was welcome.

Author:  Satsuma [ Mon Jan 28, 2019 15:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Finish 52 Challenge (2019)

Satsuma wrote:
I’ll tell you what I did get that I thought was interesting. I’m ranked 1613 in the world on it. That’s pretty good. Right?

I’ve enjoyed Guacamelee so much I thought I’d go back and get all the golden key and get the secret ending. The key sections (and the bit after you get the key) are some of the hardest and most annoying platforming sections in the entire game. I got it though cause I’m not no suckah.

Final playtime is now 12 hours and 20 minutes.

And I’ve dropped down my rank to 1618 in the world! Foook.

Author:  Mr Dave [ Sat Feb 02, 2019 16:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Finish 52 Challenge (2019)

1: Prey 2017(PC)
2: The Room(PC)
3: The Room 2 (PC)
4: Night in the woods (PC)
5: Ghost of a tale (PC)

Mouse simulator. Generally enjoyable, but hard to recommend.. Very pretty, and your character is very much cute mouse. The world is engaging, with multiple things you could be doing, and a general level of ambiguity pulling you through.
For the bad part, however, it's a stealth game that fails at being an engaging stealth game on two main points.1) you'll end up trading the same routes, and learn how to get through them all fairly quickly.
2) Very quickly, you'll get a disguise that renders all stealth pointless at the cost of moving very slowly. And then it simply becomes a case of trying to figure out how to progress quests. While moving really slowly.

Author:  Satsuma [ Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Finish 52 Challenge (2019)

Satsuma wrote:
1) Iconoclasts (PS4)
2) Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
3) Far Cry 5 (Xbox)
4) Shadow Warrior (Xbox)
5) Guacamelee 2 (PS4)
6) Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PS4)

7) Far Cry Primal (PS4)

This is a weird one. For starters the campaign is much smaller than the previous games and it’s melee and bows only set in 10,000 BC. And I loved it!

For about 5 hours.

Then it broke.

The combat starts off quite difficult as you swing bats and clubs and stealth kill guys and gals in prehistoric times because if you alert a crowd you’ll get smashed to bits, you won’t have enough resources to keep your arrows topped up and the spongy heavy enemies take a shit load to arrows or taps to the bonce to kill. So you stealth around sites, doing the usual stuff (seriously, it’s identical to the other entries with the same enemy types, and you even have to smash all the horns in a camp so they don’t call for reenforcements. Ah well) before you tick off another outpost to the collection as you cautiously progress around the initial areas of the map. You’ll meet giant woolly rhinos, mammoths, no dinosaurs, killer bears, wolves, rabid dog things and so on. And these animals will give you a real pounding. Please don’t fuck with the bears or mammoths cause they will trample you and The Revenant your ass.

So the world is nasty and hostile and that’s good because you play more cautiously.

Then you hit to 4-5 hour mark and you’ve progressed a load of the story, unlocked most of the weapons, upgraded said weapons and you’ve got a fucking Sabre Wolf as a companion (it’s awesome) and enough resources to survive any battle. So you pick a difficult camp say “fuck stealth” and literally smash right through the front door and then through skulls. Frankly, either the AI can’t cope or you become OP too quick. I had no difficulty after the 5 hour mark picking a single camp and just running in and clubbing heads with my giant sabre wolf tiger. I did all the outposts, all the bonfires and all the campaign missions by the 8 hour mark and by the 12 hour mark I’d completed all the side quests, a couple of puzzle caves, 3 of the 4 big hunts for beasts (is so the last one but it got too easy and I was a bit bored) and got the ending. My completion percentage? 40%. The rest of the game is just filled with crap loads of icons to do other stuff like more hunting and beating heads, but I’d had enough.

The weird thing is, I loved all of it except until it was a cake walk. The combat is meaty and satisfying. There’s nothing in the other Far Cry games that comes close to charging up to an enemy and doing a massive swing to the cranium and killing them in one hit from a massive death blow. It’s fucking ace. Even the bow and arrow stuff is great as head shots are one hit kills. Or charging a guy with a spear? What about throwing a 5 foot spear into someone’s face? Even better.

I think it’s probably a matter of perspective: if you don’t have much time (or patience perhaps) to play games you’ll probably have a good time playing through this to completion without much difficulty, but I need a game to feel like a challenge to overcome (especially given the setting, I mean come on, I smashed the giant Bloodtusk Mammoth to bits and that SHOULD have been the ultimate challenge in the game being by far the largest enemy) and that challenge fell off a cliff quite soon into the game. Oh and it doesn’t help that you have infinite health revives like every other Far Cry game I’ve played. So if you run out of healing items you just pop a finger back into place or something daft and get health that way. It takes longer than healing but it’s infinite. They should have taken that out.

Anyhoo, Far Cry Primal is pretty good. I know, I’m surprised as anyone.

Author:  Lonewolves [ Mon Feb 11, 2019 13:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Finish 52 Challenge (2019)

1. SEGA AGES Outrun (Switch) – reached all five destinations and unlocked all power ups on easy difficulty and long time limit; finished game using all power ups at normal difficulty and normal time limit

This is how you do a retro port! True widescreen support (not stretched), even 16-bit chiptune versions of different Outrun port music. 60fps in special mode but 30fps in arcade mode (as per the original arcade). Lots of different cabinets and view modes.

I haven’t finished it in arcade mode at normal difficulty and normal time limit, but I’ve got to stage four. It’s still hard!

Author:  devilman [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 18:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Finish 52 Challenge (2019)

1. Super Double Dragon (SNES)

The good -
- satisfying combat, including counter-attacks, combos and some weapons that do large amounts of damage, particularly the nunchucks.

The bad -
- too easy. Finished it second go
- No intro, no cut-scenes, no game over sequence and even when you complete the game, you get a bit of scrolling text and a 'The End' which you can't exit from without resetting
- Ordinary bosses - most are just slightly bigger than the usual enemies and suck up more damage

Reading up about it on wikipedia, there's apparently some special move system involving the L and R buttons.. missed that completely and didn't need it anyway.

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