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Superfast Broadband......On Demand
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Author:  asfish [ Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:48 ]
Post subject:  Superfast Broadband......On Demand

I do a regular check here to see if BT is doing any broadband upgrades on my exchange. ... mberOutput

Today I see that FTTP 330\30 is available! Brilliant I think I'll get onto BT ASAP

Then the fun starts, it takes me 10 minutes to convince the women on the line that my exchange is enabled for FTTP (in the end she uses the same checker that I did)

Then she tells me that On Demand means just that, so despite the fact its enabled on the Exchange as a home user I would have to go through BT business and pay £200 a month for it on a 3 year contract as well as pay the cost to get fibre to my house from the green box on the street (not sure what this would cost as I gave up on the call after I kept getting put through to the wrong people)

EDIT: Just has a very nice guy call me back from BT Business, he told me that FTTP on Demand has been stopped by BT as it really just means that yes you can have it subject to a undetermined amount of work getting done to the infrastructure around you home and the exchange. In most cases the cost is thousands and nobody will pay so the orders were cancelled. BT have now stopped the whole thing as its going nowhere.

If by some chance the work has been done then they offer it at £150 a month with no install fees and all equipment provided.

Amazingly they also told me that if I switch to this I would be on a business line so none of my BT TV would work??! How can an internet TV service not work on the internet?! I can only assume they lock this down to the line circuits or something.

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