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Rules and Info EU in or out? Digitiser: Live
20th July 2019
Star Trek (contains big spoilers for Discovery)
Glows and yum like Ready Brek?
Tour de France 2013
no thread?
YouTube - Highlights
j00 chewb
Photo test.
Which way is up?
Tomato sauce
Poll time!
Amazon Echo American Truck Simulator Review
Simply because I love it.
Sleep and snoring Vacuum cleaners
Recommend me do
Help with a poster Middle Age Spread
Doing something about it
Software RMD PCVR
Not PSVR. Learn to read.
Friday Game
In your face!
For showing you my sketch
Hardtack & Coffee
Mostly re-enacting stuff
Stockpiling food for Brexit Happy Canada Day! Bill and Ted Face the Music
Is it finally happening?
Wordpress question
image align
What was so good about the Amiga? Anti-Trump stance Pokemon Go
Gotta catch 'em all
Roof Racks! That's right, you heard me!
Breaking Bad
Steamy Piles
tomorrow's $1 bundled games
Black Mesa (Source) is out! After almost eight years!
Hello DocG, good to see you
Raspberry Pi
Laptop Speakers
Borderlands 3
Terry Pratchett
Best of?
Collofest - 21st June 2019
In memory of my dad
Fallout 76 Deadpool
The Movie ?
Xbox Game Pass: Netflix, but for your Xbox games I love you guys and gals Non-Genre Specific Music Thread The Bin Thread DIY? GTFO! Ghost in the Shell
2nd Gig
WW3 a go-go with[s] topless Putin?[/s] Trump?
Come on guys
Elden Ring
Sekisoulsbornen Ring
Metul and metulurs, rejoice!
I is confuddled about adjectiv
GTA V - stand aside, pretenders
the King has returned
Animal Crossing Switch
The bells, the bells!
New Sat & Mat
Me do.
GoT "winner" sweepstake! (spoilz)
Who sits on the iron throne?
Final Fantasy 7
Let's settle this
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice My friend is getting rid of a load of old pc & console games Lord Of The Rings card game
PS4 8th Aug
Doom Eternal Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
MTX to be added later
Black Mirror
New season on Netflix now
Green Man Music Festival
And t'others...
Tracker/‘smart’ watch RMD Chromecast - Google's Apple TV rival
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
through the eyes of a cannibal
Smart Speakers - Google Home The PC Gaming Topic
Preferably weird indie shit.
Pub rules Rocket League will be your favourite Bezzy Game [PS4/PC].
Am doing a thing for the mens Formula 1 2019
Musical disappointment - albums that turned out to be crap
Or just disappointing
Thursday game Will AI spell the end of humanity?
No, it spells 'Ai,' stoopid
The playdate
It has a crank.
Weather of the past
... me do
Not PCVR. Learn to read.
Foodstuffs identifier