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MORE pics what I have taken with my camera The 'Nay!' but 'Yay!' Thread WW3 a go-go with[s] topless Putin?[/s] Trump?
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Tour de France 2013
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Metul and metulurs, rejoice!
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GTA V - stand aside, pretenders
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GoT "winner" sweepstake! (spoilz)
Who sits on the iron throne?
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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Nintendo Switch (formerly "NX")
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PS4 8th Aug
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The life of nottrooper
Bill and Ted Face the Music
Is it finally happening?
Green Man Music Festival
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post about good things
Real-life forumites Chromecast - Google's Apple TV rival
Hearthstone thread
Chatting about Hearthstone
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
through the eyes of a cannibal
The pointless emulation thread - fruit machines
Also, gambling talk and stuff.
Call of Duty 16 : Modern Warfare Smart Speakers - Google Home Death Stranding
Can Hideo it?
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